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Qué difícil es hablar el español (It’s so hard to speak Spanish)

A eight minutes awesome song (in Spanish with English subtitles) about Spanish, accents and rhythms. 

“Chucho es un perrito en Salvador y Guatemala, y a Jesús le dicen Chucho, [..] Chucho es frío en Argentina, chucho en Chile es una carcél, chucho en México con el don de ser muy habil.” 


When you play in the European Football Championship, you win or you die; there is no middle ground.


Otters Chasing A Butterfly

Normally I don’t reblog those things but… look at them.


Lizard playing ‘Ant Crusher’


The History of the English Language - oh my life, so good. 


The Grammar Nazi

This is just too hilarious!  I think that people who have studied English as a second language as well as those who have studied English as a native can appreciate this.

 Video made by College Humor very funny and well done videos there.