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Thomas from a small town in the southwest of England.

“I am a self taught photographer, with a huge travelling addiction! I used to be a sponsored skater and through this gained the opportunity to meet many photographers when I was younger, thus sparking an interest in photography. 

Before I knew it I had a camera in my hand and what initially began as a hobby soon turned into an obsession. I enjoy every aspect of photography. These photos were taken on my resent around the world trip.

I began the trip carrying around a copious amount of heavy gear, I soon realised that it wasn’t the best decision, no matter what the intention was. I ended up trading in my original ‘travelling’ camera for the small fuji X100, this camera only had one fixed focal length however it was so much fun to use that it didn’t matter and I truly believe it made me look at my surrounding with a completely different view.”


Hello people, it’s been a while I’ve been traveling with my sister to celebrate her Quinceañero. It was very cool.

I was in Italy, I really love it and my Italian also know as the Worst Italian ever was a shame but a helpful shame. Also I had forgot how many Ecuadorian there are in Italy it was nice to see so many Latinos and talk a little Spanish. Also everybody knows about those great art museum but they also have very good natural and Science museums in Italy. I still have and irracional fear of megafauna animals but it was very cool to see huge skeletons. Last thing. Comics. Italy is like the European promised land of comics (and the UK too but I need a visa to get there B|) many collections, Deadpool and Ant Man and their own things like Tex or Ratman. And the food is so cheap compared to France and delicious too. 

Germany was very cool. But it kind of  dissapointed me. I tought people will be friendlier with tourist and it was really cold. But very beautiful at the end with massive forest spaces and when we stayed in an ex-military base of the WWII there were so many savage bunnies. 

Finally Amsterdam is love but one day was too short.

I’m in my country for a month them back so now I have time to be lazy.