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Half-Shaffron (horse’s head armor) (high-res)

Date: ca. 1553

Culture: German (possibly Brunswick)

Medium: Steel, etched and blackened; leather

Inscription: Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum (The Word Of God Resides In Eternity)

Eng—-> The ways of God are inescrutables

Espñ—-> Los caminos del Señor son inescrutables

Fr ———> Les voies du seigneur son impenetrables

The ways of God are unprenatrable. A friend told me this rather crude joke: Why couldn’t a Female God use a tampon? … Because her ways would be unprenetrable.

 In French voies means ways and tracts as in anatomy. Also impenetrables have a rather physical connotation more than inescrutable, wich is much more figurative. Funny how differences in translation can create those unique codes for countries even if they share the same quote. Romans 11:33 btw.

And then, they say everything sound sexier in French.