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A nightmare

I’m scared. And as I’m scare let me tell you a little story. 

Once upon a time when I was a little kid I had this recurrent nightmare: I was laying in my bed, in the dark it was a regular night, I was looking to the ceiling. Then suddenly my jaws open, I was forced to follow the movement, the were wide open,  I couldn’t close them even if I tried and I couldn’t move my arms either. My jaw were open so wide they hurt and eventually I started chocking with my own saliva. Then I woke up. This went on for like three years.

When I was a teenager, one day I felt. My knee didn’t broke, it only moved, slid in the wrong way, it was my first articular luxation. The doctor told me that my tendons are chewing-gum. But it’s ok, I hate sports anyway. Second luxation was a jaw luxation. 

A strange thing. My inferior jaw slid into the wrong poition and I had my mouths wide open. I couldn’t close them and I had a hard time swallowing, I started chocking. And the dream hit me. I believe in premonitory dreams but I think this one was only my body having nightmares about how fucked up my tendons are. Our body is amazing really.