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I have to trow almost all my books away again T__T. How do I accumulate so much books over a year. 

Fandom things…
  • I will never get a superior education. I will end doing bilingual secretary which is ok only I fail at work relations and I will suffer.
  • I just wrote a telenovela fanfic. I have reach a new level of odd. 
  • I have serious opinions against the political system of Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Seruous and slightly leftist opinions. 
  • I had completely forgot that Alexander Von Humbolt was the such a flirt: French chemists, German painters and naturalist, Ecuadorian aristocrats, military men. Humboldt German hottie and Scientist extraordinaire.  
  • I also forgot that Franscisco de Miranda had fought in the French Revolution, American Revolution and then went to liberate Venezuela.
  • Fancast for Morgause, Queen of Orkney is Anna Netrebko. Period. 

Cambio y fuera Houston. 

So, people

I’m heading to an interview that will decide whether I would start my dream professional curses this year or not … Wish me luck

Current state of affairs:
  • Just finished my 2 1/2 months internship. Was great. 
  • Horrible Histories finished as well as The Big Bang Theory, and Con el culo al aire.  
  • Waiting for Sherlock and Kaamelott forever.
  • Thanks God I can always rely on my Brasilian telenovela. 
  • My sister’s Quinceañera is approaching and we will probably travel alone to where she want and my parents money can afford. I’m a grown up trusted to travel alone with Ñaña. When did that happened? 
  • Have a University interview on 18 OTL

Also hello to you all out there. Hope you are doing well ;)

A nightmare

I’m scared. And as I’m scare let me tell you a little story. 

Once upon a time when I was a little kid I had this recurrent nightmare: I was laying in my bed, in the dark it was a regular night, I was looking to the ceiling. Then suddenly my jaws open, I was forced to follow the movement, the were wide open,  I couldn’t close them even if I tried and I couldn’t move my arms either. My jaw were open so wide they hurt and eventually I started chocking with my own saliva. Then I woke up. This went on for like three years.

When I was a teenager, one day I felt. My knee didn’t broke, it only moved, slid in the wrong way, it was my first articular luxation. The doctor told me that my tendons are chewing-gum. But it’s ok, I hate sports anyway. Second luxation was a jaw luxation. 

A strange thing. My inferior jaw slid into the wrong poition and I had my mouths wide open. I couldn’t close them and I had a hard time swallowing, I started chocking. And the dream hit me. I believe in premonitory dreams but I think this one was only my body having nightmares about how fucked up my tendons are. Our body is amazing really. 


Spanish and Arabic speakers can purr. Or at least imitate quite well a cat purring. Or a tiny motor. 

Hey people, probably you have notice how annoyingly emotional I’ve been lately and for those interested in gossips here is the reason. For the rest I promise they will still be iguanas. 

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Romancing the languages…

It’s so tipically Italian it hurts. Still I like it. 

Maybe is it’s only me and my randomness but the feminine of sinner is too sexy in romance languages. Roman languages: sexing the Catholicism for a life. 




I think it’s the combination of the /k/ and the /t/ sound. And the R. Rs make everything sexier. 

Funny thing about pecheresse. It’s French, when I was still learning it I as a kind and thought it meant two things: A female sinner and the quality of what is peach. As in the fruit. As in how much of a peach you have on you. IDK. Peaches are my favorite fruit. And a nice metaphor. Of boobs. And cheeks. And skin….

Ok I will hide know

LGBT rights on my third-world country, and why my society doesn’t suck

So today I was talking with a friend about LGBT rights in Latin America and I remembered what I had already discuss with my girlfriend. It’s about society and ethnicity and LGBT rights.

I think that very often one of the many trials of being homosexual, or bisexual or trans among other and Latino is that then you finally come to terms with what you are. When you are ready to assume and to live it, then you seek a community and you find that this community often gives you a surprising message: To be who you are you have to stop being Latino.

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