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Romancing the languages | The language of…

Everybody knows English is The Language of Shakespeare but what about Romance Languages? Here are some:

  • Català, The Language of Llull: Ramon Lull  was the first author who wrote theological texts and novels in Catalan. He also spoke Arabic and Latin, after a festive youth he converted and went to Africa to evangelize. His most famous works are Blanquerna and Llibre de meravelles
  • Español, The Language of Cervantes: When Miguel de Cervantes wrote Don Quixote Spanish already existed but man he took it to its glory. When he is not writing Cervantes is not writing he als goes to battles where he loses a hand (he is know as “The amputee of Lepanto”) or is being captured by corsairs for years. He is also called "The Prince of Wits".
  • Français, The Language of Molière: Jean Baptiste Poquelin called Molière was an actor and playwright he mastered French, played with French and is revered and loved all over France probably because his comedies are great. He died on stage and left behind an incredible number of works like Tartuffe, L’avare, Dom Juan…
  • Italiano, The Language of Dante: Dante Alighieri wrote Divine Comedy  an doing so he not only created one of the greatest epic poems ever, he also created the vision you probably have of the Christian afterlife. He is called “The Supreme Poet” and often share with Petrarch and Boccaccio the honor of being the father of the Italian Language.
  • Română, The Language of Eminescu: I was surprised and still not sure it’s true because Mihai Eminescu is so recent! He was a Romantic poet that not only use his language prettily, he also brought new words from ancient texts and regional dialect and was the most important poet of the Romanian language. Luceafărul ”The Evening Star” a huge love poem is considered his masterpiece.
  • Português, The Language of Camoes: Luis Vaz de Camoes also wrote and epic poemOs Lusíadas"The Lusiads" to the glory of Portugal. He was born in an era where the tin Iberic country was in full Epic Navigator mode and he was himself in many parts of the Empire exiled from Goa (India) to Macao (China) and Mozambique and back to Portugal where he is revered to day.

Hope it helped ;)

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